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We believe that weight loss surgery is not just about losing weight, it is also about gaining confidence and bringing back the shine in the life! However, many a times patients are left confused and unguided. This generally happens due to high commercial and professional approach of the surgeon. Obesity is a complex and chronic medical disease which disturbs just not the physical state but also the mental state of the patient. Besides this, every patient is different. Then, how can they be offered same weight loss program?

This has been the motivation for Dr. Manish Motwani, founder of Aastha healthcare and an eminent Bariatric surgeon. Dr. Motwani strongly believes that weight loss is a journey and not just a surgical procedure. Integrating his expertise in this field with the latest technology, he has taken the weight loss treatment to a next level. He has introduced ‘Customised Holistic Bariatric Program’ at Aastha healthcare, devoted exclusively to the needs of those suffering from morbid obesity.

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Read what our patients have to say… about their new found SMILE!
  • “Dr. Motwani and his team has given me a new lease of life!!” .

    Dean Weaver, Australia
  • “It is impossible to recognize my own self in the mirror. Can’t thank the team at Aastha enough” .

    Rajabhau Kapase, MLA elections

Meet the Surgeons

Passion for transforming lives

Dr. Manish Motwani

Advanced Laparoscopy

Dr. Manish Motwani is a trained laparoscopic surgeon with his expertise in the field of bariatrics. Since 1997, he has performed more than 4,000 successful bariatric and laparoscopic surgical procedures in his career. Dr.Manish Motwani is also a familiar face in the country’s media for healthcare.

Dr. Mahek Motwani

Gynecologist Speciality

Dr.Mahek Motwani is an eminent Gynaecologist and obstetrician, trained in laparoscopy. She has done extensive work in the field of infertility and brought smiles back to many childless couples.

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