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B-Lite - Centre for Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is a growing epidemic global proportions. There are more than 1 billion adults overweight and at least 300 million of them clinically obese. And this is surely a major contributor to the global burden of chronic disease and disability. Obesity is not about being overweight anymore it is considered a disease now!

For many, the routine diets and exercises are not enough. Years of dieting can result in a poor metabolism and the ability to lose only a small amount of weight without achieving or maintaining significant results. Serious health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension, and respiratory problems can also hinder weight loss. If you have been unsuccessful in losing weight after exhausting all weight loss methods, you may need to consider weight loss solutions at "B-Lite Centre".

"B-Lite Centre". is proud to offer advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques to the patient, like gastric bypass surgery, Adjustable Gastric Band surgery, and sleeve gastrectomy. The centre is renowned for its dedication and passion towards its patients. When our patients come to us for weight loss solutions, our role is not just limited at the operating table. Infact we go a step ahead than others, and become their advocate, guide, and support, throughout the journey.

We provide the most individualized, comprehensive long-term aftercare programs to patients need. Our program is structured in order to give the desired successful outcome with the surgery. It is important to keep in mind that Weight Loss Surgery is not just a cosmetic procedure. The goal of this surgery is to reduce the number and severity of medical problems related to obesity. We work with several registered dieticians and fitness experts to bring out the best results. Besides this, we also ensure that our patients are well-prepared and well-informed, before and after the surgery. For this, we have psychologists who evaluate and administer various therapies to help patient cope up with obesity at mental and spiritual level also. They are also available at any point in the postoperative course to address any personal issues that may arise. In short, we are a team of health professionals dedicated to our patient's life and health. Continue below to learn more about B-Lite Centre :The Centre of Weight Loss.