Best Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism is the system of traveling abroad to a definite destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due the long waiting periods and high cost associated with socialized medicine

Medical tourism is on rise in India. There are several factors for choosing India as a medical tourism destination.

  • The first and foremost reason is cost effective. The cost savings are enormous in India. As per the report by ‘booming medical tourism in India’; medical tourist can save up to 50-70% on their treatment cost by receiving their treatment in India.
  • The second important reason is the technology and international standards. Top hospitals and healthcare facilities in India have the most recent equipments and technology, which is at equivalence with the medical services in the developed countries.
  • The third reason is India has the most decidedly qualified and experienced doctors in the world. Most of these doctors have gone on to super-specialize in their field, enabling them to become experts in their own medical specialties.
  • Medical tourist gets priority treatment in Indian hospitals as contrasting to waiting for months in their own country.
  • No verbal communication barrier as English is one of the most used language in India. So medical tourist doesn’t feel lost in India.
  • Due to its stunning traditions, history and increased recognition and popularity of yoga, ayurveda and meditation more and more people are flocking to India for mind and bodily peace.

Hospitals in India catering to international patients pride themselves on meeting the highest international standards, and even compete with each other to offer services.

However, India is at present at a different monetary level than countries such as US and UK and hence the prices are lower.

The difference in price is caused by labor and insurance costs, and not by a lack of quality. A good segment of health care costs in the U.S. and UK are tied up with administrative (labor cost) and insurance costs.

'B-lite Clinic' is the premier, comprehensive weight management program in Mumbai, India. We cater not only to the needs of Mumbaites, but our reputation for weight loss success brings patients from all over India, Mexico, Canada, and as far away as Dubai.

We are leaders in the field of weight loss for good reason:

  • Our highly skilled bariatric surgeons who are among some of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the nation.
  • Every hospital facility where we perform surgery is designated as bariatric centre of excellence, which means that they are specially designed and equipped to meet the specific needs of weight loss surgery patients.
  • Our bariatrician is recognized as leader nationally in non surgical weight management.
  • Our licensed, certified healthcare professionals and staff are specially trained in caring for the physical and emotional needs of overweight individuals.
  • We provide a compassionate care and understanding in caring for individual struggling with excess weight.
  • The after care and support programs will prepare you for long term success by providing you with the tools, resource and education you need to maintain a healthy weight for life.
  • Our comprehensive program includes on site dietician, psychologist, exercise physiology, behavioral modification classes, vitamin and mineral education and therapy.
  • Commitment to long term follows up care of every patient.

The cost reserves depend on the kind of obesity surgery required, on an average one can have a saving of 40 - 60% on the overall medical expenses if they opt for undergoing a medical procedure in India.

B-lite clinic will arrange for you a complete package for healthcare including your travel & stay provision in India. You will be in the hospital until you are mobile post surgery. While in Hospital the nursing staff will take high-quality care of you. Post Treatment B-lite can arrange for package which will help you in getting better.

India, boast medical facilities on par with western hospitals. Many surgeons in our hospitals are trained in US and Europe. The quality of medical care is corresponding and in some cases even better than what you may obtain in US or UK.

We are responsible of the requirement of proper sanitation as your main concern. Thus we focus on the hygiene and cleanliness of the hotels we arrange for you, the clinics and the hospitals too. Your health is also our concern.

Yes. You can take along a family member or companion for moral support. If you decide to come alone, we will organize for a care-taker to be with you all through your hospital stay.

Yes. You will be staying in a well-furnished, air-conditioned, private room complete with a television, telephone and a restroom. Your companion can stay with you. You will have a nurse on call 24 hrs a day.

Yes, that would be a impressive plan! But you need to get a go-ahead from your physician before you head out on vacation. India, have scenic and cultural is tourist destinations where you may relax and recover sooner than you head back to your home state.

India has a huge reservoir of expert doctors. Many of them have proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here. The quality of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order. We will offer you with resumes and facilitate phone conversations or even video conferences if required. If you are still not comfortable, we will work to provide you with the information about the doctors that is important to you.

In case you travel alone all your needs would be taken care of by a expert and conversant representative. They will remain with you constantly right from the stage of interacting with the doctors, during the procedure and subsequently in the recovery phase as well.

You will be in the hospital until you are mobile and of your own. Your hospital stay may vary depending on the surgical treatment you undergo. While in Hospital the attendants will take good care of you.