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  • Support group meeting

    Support group meeting shows our commitment to support our Bariatric Surgery operated patients during their journey of weight loss Those moments of happiness along with our dear patients and their success stories give us the much needed motivation to keep going on Talk by Psychologist to information regarding recent advances to Diet recipe contest, it had it all!!

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    • City sees first bariatric surgery under CGHS

      The News article Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of a portin of the stomach or by resecting and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch (gastric by pass surgery)

    • Obese woman losses 9 kg in a week after surgery

      Before going to surgery Suman Gaikwad had lots of medical problems. Aastha Health care came to her rescue

    • This festive season more people are opting for cosmetic surgery to look slimmer and beautiful!

    • Mulund News Paper

      The News article on Obesity by Dr. Manish Motwani got published in a leading Newspaper, Mulund News includes news on losing weight, risk factors which could lead to obesity and the benefits of exercise & risks for the overweight.

    • Is Sleep Apnea harmful?

      Dr. Manish Motwani explains how Obesity leads to Sleep Apnea and various other major health problems Interview given in a leading Newspaper, Absolute India.

    • Dean Weaver from Australia weighting 171kgs lands to Mumbai for bariatric surgery weight-loss surgery.

      Finds Aastha Health care as the destination for Weight-Loss gift a life campaign at Aastha Health Care would ensure Bariatric surgery at an economical cost and personalised services

    • Politico opts for weight-loss surgery over elections; loses 24kg in less than 2 months.

      Rajabhau Kapase, MLA elections candidate from Shirdi underwent bariatric surgery weight loss surgery to be fit in time for Maharashtra Elections. He was a patient of uncontrolled diabetes sleepapnoea hypertension high bp Life was horrible and had to struggle even for the most basic physical activity of the body Now a transformed person, Rajabhau walks and jogs more than 10 kms a day. Sleeps peacefully, less irritable and now can work harder in service for the community.

    • Stomach-stapling surgery cures borderline diabetes

      Seventeen year old Laksh Motwani went from 114 to 64 kg after a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. His surgeon, Dr Manish Motwani claims he has been rid of borderline diabetes.

    • Successfull example of people to went under Laproscopic sleeve Gastrectomy procedure

      Our success story in Mumbai mirror Newspaper on Sunday 13th April 2014. Thank you everyone for the Support and Blessing.

    • Stomach-stapling surgery cures 11 of a family of high blood pressure, diabetes

      Three brothers opted for the procedure last year; the impact it had on their health set off a chain reaction, and eight of their relatives also chose to go under the knife

      Early last year, Vashi-based builder Narendra Bhalla and his brothers Ravi and Kamal went under the knife to reduce their excess flab and rid them of the diabetes and hypertension that runs in their family. Soon after, eight other members of the Bhalla family underwent sleeve gastrectomy, a procedure that involves surgically removing two-thirds of the left side of the stomach.

    • Beginning of a new life for a family of 11

      An article named “Family of 11 cuts fat through Gastrectomy” was published on October 22,2013 in an e-paper ‘Afternoon Despatch & Courier’ which features our patients that comprises of 11 members of the same family. It is astonishing that all the 11 members of the family opted for Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy which is a type of bariatric surgery at Aastha Healthcare.Every member who underwent the procedure is doing fine now, informed Dr. Motwani. Narendra, Kamal and Ravi, who feel that they are blessed with new lives, say that their quality of life and efficiency at work have improved to a great extent and that physically they feel fitter than ever before.

    • Find out why wearing a corset for hours can be dangerous!!!

      Wearing a tight garment can cause the internal organs to move out of their original positions. As it is tight, it can cause breathlessness and discomfort while moving, as well as indigestion. It can also cause redness and chafing of the skin. The corset does not allow enough air to fill in the lungs. Thus, a person has shallow breathing in only the upper portion of the lungs, which gives rise to mucus and cough. There is a danger of fracturing the ribs under very high pressure. The intestines also get compressed, causing constipation.

    • Support Group Meeting For Weight Loss Surgery Patients.

      An excellent opportunity for operated and non operated patients to interact with each other and share their experiences. Support group meeting will help you take the right decision for your life with regards to best option for permanent weight loss . Date :- 24/August/2013, Timing:- 1.00pm to 4.00pm, Venue: Aastha health Care Off L.B.S Marg,Opp Chedda petrol pump, Mulund colony,Mulund – West. Convenor : Dr Manish Motwani

    • Happy Women's Day

      Aastha Health Care celebrates International Women's Week from 8th to 15th March 2013.


    • Mediclaim for Weight Loss Surgery

      Insurance Company paid 75% cost of Weight Loss Surgery - Mumbai Today.

    • Aastha Health Care Creates History!

      First time a diabetic women gets weight-loss surgery reimbursed - Hindustan Times

    • Mediclaim denied, obese patient fights it out for reimbursement.

      MUMBAI: For the first time in Indian Medical History and Medical Insurance, that a patient has received mediclaim for Obesity surgery.

    • Obese and Diabetic Children.

      MUMBAI: Obesity is a disease which is increasing in small children. If it is not controlled then the whole young generation will have to face this problem

    • No more Size Zero.

      Kareena Kapoor had set an example for Size Zero figure whereas Vidya Balan gives an example to maintain natural body. Sometimes before there was a trend of becoming Size Zero but now it is being pointed as cause of health of health problems.

    • Scalpel helps teen fight flab, docs advise caution

      MUMBAI: Neha Sharma used to carry more than a heavy bag to school. As she lugged her 90 kg mass packed in a frame of four ft and eight inches across the school, mates sniggered. Careless remarks were made about her needing an entire bench to herself.

    • Bariatric surgery sees steady rise in demand

      Mumbai: Neha Sharma,who underwent a successful bariatric surgery at the age of 15 here,is an example of how the obesity epidemic is marching across India and across all age groups.A study published in the Lancet medical journal recently said that almost 1 in 5 Indian men and over 1 in 6 Indian women were overweight.In some urban areas of India,it is believed that obesity is almost 40%.

    • Getup sleepyhead

      If you’re overweight and always feel sleepy then the Pickwickian Syndrome could be to blame. Rhea Dhanbhoora finds out what it is all about

    • Summer's the right time to burn excess fat

      Doctors say due to vacations, people have more time to shed those extra kilos,
      Just in case you are planning to lose weight, city doctors suggest that this is the best time to do so.

    • It’s auspicious for baby births too

      Akshaya Tritiya is going to be a busy day for some city gynecologists with pregnant women wanting to deliver their babies on the auspicious day on Friday.

    • Stay younger longer, invert the size-zero trend?

      Make time for your skin
      Go for a facial every six months, regardless of gender. Opt for an anti-ageing facial routine, using organic and natural skincare products. Using chemical products can, in the long-term, cause skin to age. Facial masks made from fresh fruits and veggies can also help rid wrinkles.

    • Stay younger longer, invert the size-zero trend?

      We're taking a cue from Nigella Lawson, who says that if she were to lose 20 kilos, she'd look 10 years older. Why losing weight might not be the best way for you to look years younger. Plus, nine more tips that can take a decade off your appearance